(VV-Wi) How do I set up multiple VV-Wi systems?

Using multiple VV-Wi systems is simple. Follow the regular pairing instructions for the first unit: Turn on the VV-Wi transmitter first and then turn on the receiver. The system will pair automatically in about 10 seconds. Follow the same sequence for your next unit. Then, press and hold the volume “-” button of the transmitter for 5 seconds. The blue indicator flashes 5 times. The receiver blinks once and then lights up continuously, indicating that the channel switching is successful. Each long-press of the “-” key will move the wireless channel up. For the second VV-Wi system,  long-press the “-” button 2 times, for the third VV-Wi system, long-press  the “-” button 3 times and so on until up to 40 systems are connected.   

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