Videos / How to properly connect KNA Pickups to mixing consoles?

Using KNA piezo pickups to voice acoustic instruments during live performances in various venues, as well as using them for band practices in rehearsal rooms, was always part of their original intent and purpose. In many cases, this has made musicians face the need to connect them to mixing consoles. Although this is the job of sound engineers, they are not always available in the listed situations, which requires some knowledge, skills and experience of working with such devices from the musicians themselves. Due to the many inquiries we receive from our customers, we invited our product specialist - Octavio Caruso, to demonstrate, explain and demystify all the intricacies of properly connecting our pickups to mixing consoles, so that you get the most out of their potential. He was kind enough to make a detailed video answering some of the FAQ on the subject. We hope you found it useful.

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