Videos / How to fit the KNA violin / viola pickup into your bridge

The KNA VV-series pickups are among our best-selling pickups for violin and viola because they are very reasonably priced and offer really good tone. They are also convenient because you can attach and remove them easily in order to go back and forth between amplified and acoustic playing.

The KNA pickup element is designed to fit snugly into the wing slot on the side of the bridge (either bass or treble side), however, some bridges have too narrow slot to accommodate the KNA pickup right out of the box. Therefore, to fit the pickup to the bridge you must sand a little material out to make that space wider. Many people are squeamish about this, but this video is meant to demonstrate how simple and safe a process it is, if done with care. It takes less than 5 minutes and doesn't meaningfully affect your instrument's tone or performance. Once you perform this fitting you'll never have to do it again.

In the rare case where your instrument's bridge slot is actually wider than the KNA pickup, you can simply shim it with a small piece of card stock (e.g. part of a business card). This is more likely to happen with a viola. 

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