KNA joins the first event of its kind: Bulgarian Music Workshop

Date: 06.06.2021

The recent Bulgarian Music Workshop was the first event of its kind in Bulgaria. The workshop brought the talented people of Bulgaria who perform activities related to music, music products or music services — musicians, luthiers, recording studios and more — together under one roof. The event provided an in-person opportunity for the general music audience to see the people behind products and the products themselves. 



The event was a great success, with an inclusive exhibition made up of talented people in Bulgaria who work with music products. Many exhibitors offered years of experience in their field with world-class products, but there was room for creative newcomers who are just beginning to make their impact in the music world as well. 



One of the main differences between this event and other music product events is that each product and service is presented by the person or the people behind them. The atmosphere was relaxing and pleasant, with presentations onstage keeping on schedule, allowing for conversations with participants and plenty of time for questions.   



The KNA booth had an amazing level of excitement throughout the show. Pro and amateur musicians of all ages were interested in the products. Demos showed how easy it is to install KNA pickups, and visitors saw how beautiful and stylish the pickups look as they are mounted on the instruments.   



The booth had an acoustic amplifier, which allowed guests and musical instrument dealers to test and listen to the pickup of their choosing on an instrument. The comments and feedback were extremely positive, with rave reviews of the extremely true, accurate, clean, authentic, natural sound as well as the unique design and easy installation. 



KNA looks forward to the next Bulgarian Music Workshop and hopes meet even more musicians and retailers next time. 



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