Portable surface-mounted piezo for variety of acoustic instruments

As a stick-on guitar pickup, AP-1 mounts safely to the surface of just about anything that vibrates, reproducing natural acoustic sound through a passive piezo system.

In addition to being a surface-mount guitar pickup, AP-1 can be used for harp, drums, and percussion.


Install with no modification

Simply stick the pickup on your instrument’s soundboard.

Wood housing

The piezo element is encased in laminated birch with an elegant and stylish maple top. The lightweight assembly offers maximum tonal sensitivity.

Natural sound

AP-1 has a passive design that reproduces the natural sound of the instrument with no need for a battery.

Complete installation set

The pickup comes with a double-sided adhesive disc and enough PowerTack adhesive for multiple applications, and a detachable 1/8" to 1/4" cable that allows the pickup to remain in place during storage.


Follow our installation guide through the following steps:

Remove the pickup and other materials from the box. 

Before you begin, note that for the best sound it’s best to try AP-1 on different spots on your instrument. The non-permanent design of the adhesive putty makes this possible. 

Remove the protective layers on the provided adhesive putty. 

Тo assure proper connection between the pickup and instrument, the adhesive putty must be soft and stretchy.

Please take a moment to mash it up before use.

If it feels hard or dry, place it under warm running water for a moment to make the putty pliable and sticky.

Stretch the putty, by hand, to cover nearly the whole bottom surface of the pickup. Once stretched, gently apply the putty to the pickup's bottom.

Place the pickup on a selected area of your instrument’s soundboard. This may be the top of a guitar, or flat side of a drum. 

With your volume off, plug the cable with the 1/8ʺ connector into your pickup and the 1/4ʺ connector into your favorite high-impedance amplifier. Hold the pickup firmly when attaching and detaching the cable.

Play your instrument and listen to the sound of AP-1.Move AP-1 to different places on the soundboard until you find the sweet spot for the sound you like. 

You can choose to continue using the putty or, for more permanent and stable installation, you might use the provided double sided adhesive discs.

To use AP-1 with the discs, first carefully remove the putty from AP-1.

Peel the protective layer from one side of a disc and place it in the center of the pickup. 

Remove the other side’s protective later and firmly press the AP-1 on the desired place of the instrument.   

Enjoy your new pickup and make music!

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Weight 12.80g / 0.45oz
Wood Laminated birch and maple top
Maximum Impedance 200 Ω
Cable 3meter / 9'
Specified part Letter Size in MM (from*) Size in MM (to*) Size in INCH (from*) Size in INCH (to*)
Pickup length, side across from jack a 52,1 52,2 2,051


Pickup length, long side adjacent to jack b 55,0 55,1 2,165 2,169
Pickup length, short side adjacent to jack c 45,0 45,1 1,772 1,776
Pickup length, front to back  d 54,5 54,6 2,146 2,150
Pickup height e 10,0 10,1 0,394 0,398
Adhesive disk diameter f 20,0 - 0,787 -
Adhesive disk thickness g 1,5 - 0,059 -
*Our handmade pickups may vary slightly in size due to the nature of the building

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