Videos / KNA MP-2: Portable mandolin pickup with volume control

The MP-2 is a low-profile portable piezo pickup with built-in onboard volume control, that is engineered and handcrafted in Europe by KNA. MP-2 is designed to deliver an unparalled authentic sound, reproducing the full pallete of unique mandolin frequencies from its warm lows through its delicate highs, without the need of a battery. The innovative transducer features an entirely external setup without any modifications to the instrument. The easy installation of the wood encased piezo sensor and solid ebony jack housing is done within a few minutes. The reliable connection is ensured with a standard 1/4" instrument cable. Try one today and equip your mandolin with a pure-sounding and stylish-looking pickup.

To learn more about KNA MP-2, please visit its product page here.

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