Will a MP2 pickup work with a Behringer X18 board? Do I need to use one of the two high impedance channels on the X-18 (100 K Ohm vs 10 K "normal" channels)? Do I need to use an ultra-high impedance DI box (1 meg ohm)?

We recommend at least 1MOhm of input impedance with our pickups, so the high impedance DI box is optimal. However, it can work with a bare minimum of 100 K Ohm.

Our pickups do need a bare minimum of 100k ohms to work, but we recommend a least 1 megaohm for best sound quality. For the X18 you would want to use either of the Hi-z inputs. A DI box isn’t required for use with our pickups, but you might elect to use one in case the Hi-z inputs are being used for some other purpose or as personal preference.

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