Sifei Wen demos KNA VC-1 cello pickup. J S Bach Prelude from Suite No 1 in G Major

VC-1 is a passive piezo system designed for professional live cello applications. The KNA VC-1 delivers beautiful, natural sound after easy and safe installation, requiring no modification to the instrument. Each KNA pickup is handcrafted from the finest available electronics and finished tone woods.

To learn more about KNA VC-1, go to product page here.

Here, the pickup is demonstrated by Sifei Wen-Tringov with her reading of the Prelude from Cello Suite No. 1 by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Sifei Wen has studied at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, the Thornton Music School at University of Southern California and the Music School at Yale University. Sifei is a member of the American String Teachers Association, the Los Angeles Violoncello Society, and the Chinese Bowed Instruments Association.

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