Victor Ribeiro

A contemporary sound of the 7-string guitar, marked by nuances, swing and improvisation is what guitarist and composer Victor Ribeiro explores. Born in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, the musician mixes the diversity of Brazilian guitar with influences from jazz, rock, flamenco and classical guitar. His first solo album, Ronda da Capivara (2019), features compositions that focus on encouraging yourself and being who you are. A member of the modern jazz quartet Relógio de Dalí - with Yuri Villar (sax), Pablo Arruda (double bass) and Lourenço Vasconcellos (drums) - and of the guitar duo 7 Pra Cigano - with Israeli guitarist Yuval Ben Lior -, Victor has already collaborated with artists such as Hermeto Pascoal, Vanessa da Mata, Malía, Gabriel Grossi, Paula Santoro, Ed Mota, Julie Wein, Alice Caymmi, Fattu Djakité, Tuim, among others.  




Portable piezo pickup for 7-string classical guitar

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